New Langton Arts, San Francisco: Group discussion and zine assembly party

Panel Discussion
Amanda Eicher
Saturday and Sunday, 19 Apr 2008 to 20 Apr 2008
Saturday, April 19, 2008, 1-3 pm

Presences is a community project and a collaboration between artist Amanda Eicher and New Langton Arts. With the goal of opening the gallery to include the community around it, a series of oral history workshops and a panel discussion will draw attention to women’s presences in the diverse South of Market community.

Tied to Langton’s recent feminist art exhibition Small Things End, Great Things Endure, and Book It! (a one-day alternative publishing fair), the project seeks to extend the feminist inquiry of the gallery into the streets, asking women to share their stories of home, self, migration, and survival in conversation with one another, in workshops, and during street interviews. Participants learn oral history interview techniques by interviewing each other and neighborhood residents to unearth women’s presences and experiences that shape the community around New Langton Arts. The resulting interviews and materials will be collected into a chapbook, to be released Thursday, May 1, as a part of the panel discussion.

Presences takes its shape from the participation of artists, community members, and most of all women in the South of Market neighborhood; it is also supported by the engagement and effort of Bayanihan Cultural Center, Manilatown I-Hotel, The Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Bindlestiff Studio, Jennifer Wofford, Barbara Jane Reyes, Ana Hortillosa, Chelsea Heikes, and students at USF and SFSU.

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