Solaris by Romina Freschi

(bilingual edition: spanish and english)

by Romina Freschi

publisher pájarosló

SolariS is the title of a novel by polish Stanislav Lem, it also is the title of a film by russian Andrei Tarkovsky and now of a series of poems by argentine Romina Freschi.
Humanity plays along slow, softly between its extremes and possibilities, afections and defects, subjectivity and objectivity, sensation and thought, and the crash into the unknown. We use to think that the unknown is beyond earth, in cosmos, however, where science ficcion, psycology and surrealism can come together is in that the unknown lies within every human being, in their chances of choice and in their concrete choices. Here form oposes to rigidity, searches for the hybrid and the most particular and extreme material circumstance, and, at the same time, it is a torrent, this writing fills with images and stars.
The sea of Solaris is the liquid of human soul, its mimoids and manifestations, the temporary yet material afections, work, passions. Images are built then, as if they were growing in that sea, inconsistent in their syntax, party of sound, sparking, partly.

Victoria González, pájarosló ed.

not even weeds in the ocean, oh yes, the disaster
nuptials that twinkle, sway, unthread
what comes out of, what becomes extra
wakens over the pledge
and wheat bread:
the offering
the marital state
some of the incense love
all that is sensed is intense
a mouthful of asthma
gladness with a loud crash
I get dizzy
some of the conscription chases me
to be born later or to be born too much
it all anchors to me absurd in the past
a layer sustains me ...

Romina Freschi
1974, Bs.As. MA and Literature professor (UBA) She published the books redondel, Estremezcales, Petróleo, eL- pE- Yo, and the chapbbooks Soleros, Incrustaciones en confite, Villa Ventana and 3/3/3. She was part of group ZR, space Cabaret Voltaire and she published the collection Arte Plegable. Now she carries the project Living de la Poesía, directs the review Plebella and participates in poetry band María Antonieta. She coordinates literary workshops and the site pajaros locos. Parts of Solaris were published in her blog freschi.blogspot.com (spanish) and in the United Kingdom in Shearsman Magazine(english) .

watch here video of performance (bad image but good sound)

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