Sponsored by the Poetry Foundation, Kelley Writers House and Pennsound, PoemTalk is now launched:

For each episode of PoemTalk four friends and colleagues in the world of poetry and poetics convene to collaborate on a close (but not too close) reading of a single poem. We talk through and around the poem, sometimes beyond it, often disagreeing, always excited by what we discover as we talk, and perhaps after twenty-five minutes we've opened up the verse to a few new possibilities and have gained for a poem that interests us some new readers and listeners.

The first six broadcasts feature:

  1. William Carlos Williams, "Between Walls." Download to listen.
  2. Adrienne Rich, "Wait."
  3. George Oppen, "Ballad."
  4. Allen Ginsberg sings Blake.
  5. Ted Berrigan's "3 Pages."
  6. A Jaap Blonk sound poem.

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