Introducing Experimental Language Factory: Call for submissions

Hi, my name is Keiji Minato. I and two other poets here in Kyoto, Japan formed an experimental poetry group called EXPERIMENTAL LANGUAGE FACTORY about a year ago and have archived poetic works we find intellectually stimulating on our website:


As a previous post by Mr. Bernstein shows, it also has a Japanese version of his “Experiments list” (trans. by me). Currently, we have only works written in Japanese, but we’re willing to accept submissions from overseas. So please check out our site, and if you’re interested, submit your work or a work you recommend via e-mail. The address is at the bottom of the homepage. We will discuss if it suits our site, and if it does, we’ll have it (if possible) in a Japanese version. We might use the original as it is. Unfortunately, we can handle only Japanese, English, and a bit of French, so hopefully, your submission will be in English.

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