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In early August, Tinfish net #3 will be up with a feature on translation--articles and translations by John Zuern, Linh Dinh, Craig Perez, and Donatello Izzo. But for now--



ABOUT LOOKING initiates a new component to Tinfish, featuring writings on art. The first installment is by Jaimey Hamilton on DRAWN TO REMEMBER, a project by Dana Forsberg. Forsberg's work is also featured at this site: drawings of the artist and some of her friends by a police sketch artist. As Hamilton writes of the project: “Each portrait is more than simply a translation from memory, but a result of the frustrating experience of trying to translate a mental and seemingly more 'private' image into a more 'public' one. This comes across in viewing the series as well. We are left with the 'evidence' of each describer’s unique perception and are drawn into comparing one portrait to the next as we move down the row, experiencing the portraits as if they were a police line-up, looking for the tell-tale differences in each version of the subject.” Hamilton's research concerns the intersection of contemporary subjectivity, commodity culture, mass media, and the visual arts in a global context. Hamilton is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa - Department of Art and Art History.



Tinfish is also launching two chapbooks this week. One is by Sarith Peou, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia in the 1970s and currently an inmate at Stillwater Prison in Minnesota. Designed by Lian Litvin, using archival materials from the Cambodia Documentation Center.

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The second book is by a prominent contemporary Korean poet, Hwang Jiwoo, and translated by the late Scott Swaner and Young-Jun Lee. Designed by Gaye Chan. Introduction by Ed Bok Lee.

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Susan M. Schultz
Editor, Tinfish Press

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