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mOnocle-Lash has been silent but not idle this winter, and are ready to announce the release of five new publications (including one at 1,000 pages in three volumes!), plus some new distro material.
All are available via the mOnocle-Lash Website.

This release nearly coincides with the Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke Virginia, which will be bringing together many scattered members of the mOnocle-Lash family including John M. Bennett, Bradley Chriss, Reed Altemus, Megan Blafas, bela b. Grimm, Jim Leftwich, Tomislav Butkivic, Keith Buchholz, Warren Fry, Tom Cassidy, Olchar Lindsann, and others in he Fluxus and Eternal Network. For this reason we'll be including a reading of poems from Bennett's massive new Textis Globbolalicus collection and the new Anti-Prophesies anthology among the festivities on Saturday, March 5.
While many of these are perfect-bound and not available for trade because they must be ordered through the printer online, all except the TLP are available as free downloads as well, from the website:
  • Textis Globbolalicus, by John M. Bennett. Introductions by Jim Leftwich, Olchar Lindsann, and Bob BreuKl.
Spanning three volumes and nearly 1,000 pages, this is THE DEFINITIVE collection of texts in that that most indecipherable of tongues, Globbolalia, by its only native speaker, the inimitable Dr. John M. Bennett.
Vol. I: 354 pp., Introduction by Bob BrueckL, cover by C. Mehrl Bennett.
Vol. II: 351 pp., Introduction by Jim Leftwich, cover by Blaster Al Ackerman.
Vol. III: 292 pp., Introduction by Olchar E. Lindsann, cover by Musicmaster.
  • Avant the Avant-Garde: Childhood and Family in the Culture of the Avant-Garde, compiled by Olchar E. Lindsann.
Childhood and family are rarely highlighted in discussions of, by, or about the avant-garde; this exploratory investigation takes the form of hundreds of short passages gleaned from memoirs, letters, poems, and autobiographical works of avant-gardists from the past 200+ years, and numerous introductions and biographies, woven into an impressionistic survey of this neglected aspect of avant-garde life.
  • Anti-Prophesies: Post-NeoAbsurdist Prophesy Poems, A.Da. 86-94. by Aaron Andrews, Megan Blafas, Bradley Chriss, Bruno Franklyn, Warren Fry, Jim Leftwich, Olchar Lindsann, the Montana PNA group, & other anonymous Post-Neos.
One of the first and most versatile Post-Neo microforms, dozens of Anti-Prophesies have appeared in Post-Neo journals, books, and performances since A.Da. 87 (2003). Through them a characteristic but heteroclite tradition, mythology, and poetic has coalesced. This is the first comprehensive collection of PNA Anti-Prophesies drawn from the Post-Neo archives, with an introductory essay by Olchar E. Lindsann.
  • The Hymn of Stone, by Imogene Engine & Olchar Lindsann.
Dark and atavistic cycle of verses, collaboratively composed by Imogene Engine and Olchar Lindsann, adorned with collages by the writers. Crisp was the clock / shutting its eye to all of the bodies. // Bring me the sorrowful creature/ with its forehead of wood / and its skin marked with notches / like a soldier marked for his sins.
  • War Storm, by Warren Fry.
Fight the vicious Glandelinian army as one of the heroic Vivian Girls, in this tiny game based on the world created by Henry Darger. The first in a series of TLP-RPGs: 8-page mini-role-playing games with minimal rules & character-generation, experimental systems, and a lot of room for play.
  • from the Spart Action Group: Transmission. ed. Justin McKeown.
  • from Mycelium: A Zoum/Asemic History of Post-NeoAbsurdism. by Olchar Lindsann. Facsimile distribution of Lindsann's minimal and indirect history of Post-Neo, using only Post-Neo talismanic catch-phrases; the original edition of 20 copies is completely hand-stamped and already spoken for.
  • from [Pro]-[Anti] Press: Dada n’est rien. ed. Tomislav Butkovic. A French language mini-[Anti-]primer on Dada, with work by Hausmann, Ball, Hennings, Picabia, Tzara, Duchamp, plus a quiz and other embellishments by Butkovic.
  • Babbage's Disease & Other Fictions, by David Beris Edwards. British Post-Neo comedian and writer Edwards' long-awaited nonsensical-historical novella on the final weeks of the life of Charles Babbage, godfather of the computer, anchors this collection of long and short fiction, newly revised.
  • On Fun, by Olchar Lindsann. First published in SPART Action's Transmission, Lindsann's essay On Fun in pamphlet form.
  • The Prelude, Part II, trans. Fast Sedan Nellson. Nellson informs us that he is within pages of completing the second volume of his long-awaited translation of Wordsworth's long-winded epic The Prelude into Even-More-Boring-And-Trite.
  • Ubu Enchained, trans. Amy Oliver & Ubu Roi Special Edition. Two different Post-Neo takes on Ubu: British Post-Neo Amy Oliver's translation of Ubu Enchained, which served as the script for the American Post-Neo production of the play in Roanoke, VA in A.Da. 93 (2009), and a special edition DVD of Lindsann, Lennard & Lennard's A.Da. 89 (2005) film version of Ubu Roi, with audio commentary and other questionable goodies.
  • Scoria of the Bouzingo & Romanticist Manifestos. Translation is still afoot, but keep an eye out for the first printed fruits of the Bouzingo project: an anthology of writings and images of the Jeunes-France/Bouzingo group with introduction and short bios of the members; and a collection of manifestos, prefaces, polemics and theoretical texts from the French Romanticist community that will trace the context and emergence of the first(?) avant-gardes in the 1820s and '30s in the words of the participants themselves.
  • Imogene & Olchar: Ephemera as Memoir. First issue of an occasional 'zine by Olchar Lindsann & Imogene Engine, in collage & calligraphy.

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