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Release of Plebella #13
For this issue, we have a wide interview with poet, translator and researcher Delfina Muschietti, and we have an advanced of her unpublished book El Enigma de las Flores.
Emiliano Bustos was invited to the Venezuela Book Convention 2007 (Filven 2007) and we have a beautiful and sensitive chronicle, an interview with poet Richard Montenegro, of group Li Po and a brief anthology of poetry of Venezuela (including poems by Ramos Sucre, Palomares, Gervasi, Wafi Salih and Calzadilla).
Rodolfo Edwards comments in column Sembradores de Fósforos, the spark that generated the poem that gives title to his first book, Culo Criollo, published by Siesta in 1999.
Matías Ayala gives an introducction to his dossier Puro Chile, collection of recent poetry from Chile , with poems by Rodrigo Lira, Diego Maquieira, Tomás Harris, Roberto Merino, Claudio Gaete Briones, Paula Ilabaca, Yanko González, Jaime Luis Huenún, Andrés Anwandter, Juan Cristóbal Romero and Julio Carrasco. Puro Chile will an extended version on line in our site, http://www.plebella.com.ar/, only for readers and suscribers.
Reviews of the latest books by Héctor. M. Ángeli, M.Julia. de Ruschi, Romina Freschi, Denise León and Agostina. L. López.
A comment on festival “Sin pedir permiso” by group Rosa Fuerte, festival we were part of last week.
And basis to Contest “Poeta Revelación” (in Spanish) and recent inauguration of our Journal http://www.plebellabilingue.blogspot.com/.
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