The Quantum Poetics of Myriam Solar

What is quantum poetics?

Quantum poetics is the form in which a quantum poet creates its poetry according to some principles and internal rules that determine its expression. So that the quantum creation be produced need of a quantum environment in which the poet is found with another entity, he creates a poetic object that evolves toward a new identity of type combined, although not reduced to the sum of his parts, lighting the poem with a new language, that of the complexity.
The language of the complexity arises of the interaction among diverse complex systems of the type unstable or chaotic existing in the nature or created by the man that contribute to the poetry a new knowledge of the world of the invisible thing and a vision of the most harmonious sensitive experience with the new laws of the universe, permitting to enter the quantum world.
Since this perspective, not prior antecedents on the poetry exist that be expressed in quantum environments, for which in this article I will refer to my own quantum poetics in interaction with the art of the complexity, of whose conception and development I am an author.

Empirical origin of the quantum poetry.

The quantum poetry does not apply the principles of the quantum physics as would be able to be thought, but is found with these and with other of sciences like the math, the chemistry, the biology, the artificial intelligence or the technology, in a way empirical. The to proceed empirical in the literature, and particularly, in the poetry appears when there is a process live, by-product of the interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary nature that contributes dynamic elements, causes of a new reality that is open, unpredictable and evolutionary: that of the quantum, parallel or multidimensional worlds.

The quantum poet and the corpus

The quantum poetry is born without apparent cause neither motive that justify it rationally. Its reality is built according to some internal guidelines of instability and dynamic change of the ones that emerges the to be of the things or poetic object that is declared like multiple realities. These multiple realities also known as superimpositions in the quantum language pass to be the norm in the new expression poetics in which the poet should try to do intelligible the unintelligible thing. For it should be left to go to a state of indeterminacy since where be able to observe the new data and once assimilated, to pass to integrate them in a new synthesis, what implies to enter one in the other and to evolve together.
The new corpus that is created requires that the poetic object participate of the personal characteristics and relatives of the systems of interaction, being structured its spiritual, emotional, and sensitive matter from common elements that permit to reach an identity shared, carrying to both to a new comprehension that none to have reached by if same. Just then is when the new concepts appear and categories that will permit to be entered for the quantum forest. All a learning to understand how themselves structure the new language without lose sight of the feelings, the intimate experiences, the discursive forms and their purpose aesthetics.

Process, language and elements of the quantum poetry

The essential thing of the new focus is that all the imaginable thing is possible, arriving even the reality to surpass to the fiction. In it, each poem is a creation potential associate to a probability in which nothing is previously determined.
The quantum poetry is born thus in a space of experimentation in which they interact among if the observer and it observed, of where emerges the poetic object.
The relation between the observer and it observed is a new relation. This relation is not an integrator, but creative in a level that it is not superficial neither external, but essential and internal and deeper than affects to the role of conscience of the observer, who often he is seen wrapped in situations that challenge their own capacity of comprehension of the reality.
In this process, two bodies or entities, one material and the other material or not material create a quantum reality through interactions. The interactions are the fundamental element of creation of said reality in which the observer-subject and it observed-object they are superimposed and they exchange of simultaneous form as in the quantum phenomenon. So that the subject can be object and the object subject or to be there in the space of the dimensions fold or here in the world that we know three-dimensional or, in both at the same time, like the cat of Schrödinger.
When these interactions are given of natural form, a quantum reality is created that articulates the matter of the poetic object in a dynamic flow that causes the quantum poem. The poetic object that thus is created is an probable object, associate to the matter or antimatter of the observer and observed and its interactions.
The object that maintains the quantum poem is, therefore, autonomous, being able to be moved from a dimension to another in the space-time to express lines of its identity in a dialogue in the time of past, present or future with the subject.
At this point, the dialogue requires of something more: That each one of the entities have a somewhat own, recognizable voice that identify them and unique that permit the exchange. In this way, said process only takes place when exists previously an I own, personal and not transferable.
So that the relation among subject and object be established is required of the presence of more than one complex system, be these natural or artificial or technological.
Its language is a complex language in which diverse languages of the invisible thing can be distinguished, passing to be the language of the quantum poetry a meta-language as will be seen in the following example.

Ex-Muerte+Invitadoenlugarcuántico Ex Tor

Videoclip 0,57” that presents a quantum performance or ephemeral action of the invisible worlds created by authopoiesis, to which the author incorporates the voice processed of the Performer and electroacoustic music. The piece was exhibited previously as web-art in 1997 in the Congress El arte en la era electrónica. Perspectivas de una nueva estética, Lo humano y lo Invisible, L´Angelot-Connect-Art, Barcelona, Internet and in Arco Electrónico, Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid º(Spain).
( This text can be seen in Spanish in: http://literaturacuantica.blogspot.com/ )

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