WALTIC Conference

The WALTIC conference
has just launched its website.
In some ways, the goals of the conference
coincide with the goals of this list.
I will be speaking about digital initiatives
& possibilities, and expect to talk about
IEPI and related projects --

The active networks of writers exchanging works through an engagement with translation is the most important counterweight to nations, states,and transnational corporations. The Internet makes possible an unprecedented scale, depth, and quality of exchange; but these possibilities will only be realized through complex organization and editorial imagination. In this brave new world, literacy is necessary but not sufficient. We have also to consider the role of activist literary writing and translation in our post-literate world, where readers and writers need both cultural and technological literacy to be fully enfranchised in the global and local polis. These are some of the themes I expect to see addressed at WALTIC 2008.

The organizers provide this introduction on their new website, together with registration info:

The first ever WALTIC congress will be held in Stockholm 29 June-2 July 2008. Our aim is to create a forum of exchange of experience amongst writers, literary translators and researchers engaged in and committed to the strengthening of democracy and human rights. Our ambition is to achieve new insights into reading and literature as tools for analysis of
contemporary society, social development and change.

The main themes for WALTIC 2008 are world literacy, intercultural dialogue and digitalization. The congress will focus on the narratives as mediators of knowledge and bearers of culture and collective memory, with a view to developing guidelines for reinforcing the role of literature in global society.

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