new literary press out of Sarajevo

Bosnian poet Semezdin Mehmedinovic's new press out of Sarajevo, Ajfelov Most Books, promises to become one of the most important literary publishing houses in the Balkans, and the effort, given the many challenges still facing writers in Bosnia and the region, certainly deserves to be promoted.


Murat said...


Is that the bridge in the photograph the bridge (or its replacement) which appears in Godard's "Notre Musique"?



Linh Dinh said...

Hi Murat,

I have no idea. I got the picture from the publisher's website...


Sanja said...

Eiffel's Bridge. In historical documents, no evidence can be found proving that the iron bridge in Sarajevo`s Skenderija was designed by famous French architect Gustav Eiffel. The bridge was built sometime between the 15th and 16th centuries from wood, which was replaced by iron in 1893. It is unknown if the metal grid was the work of Eiffel and, in the absence of hard evidence, the serious historian would say: No. But that, some would say, is not important. This beautiful, enduring structure is called Eiffel`s Bridge and it exists as evidence that language extends beyond reality.

Murat said...


This is not the historical bridge where people were killed during the Civil war, is it?