Organized by the literary webzine Litlive (Danmark) and folk high School of Biskops-Arnö (Sweden), there was an extremely successful all-Nordic seminar on "Alternative publishing / literary innovation" held in Biskops-Arnö, May 10 to 13. The starting point for the three day discussions was Charles Bernstein's essay, "Provisional Institutions: the Alternative Presses and Poetic Innovation"; all in all, the event came to present an important step forward in building a new, transnational literary space in these parts. There's a (still) very active seminar blog, mostly in Danish and Norwegian; to get an idea of the cooperative spirit and some of the ideas prevalent in the discussion, I recommend you to check out the excellent mini-essay in English by Icelandic poet Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, on "The importance of destroying a language (of one's own)", at his blog English For the New Illiterati.

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