The Continental Review

The Continental Review, the first exclusively video-only forum for contemporary poetry and poetics on the web, has just gone live. Curated by Nicholas Manning, an Australian poet living in Paris, this site is a continuously updated collection of video readings, video reviews and video interviews of and about contemporary poetry and poetics. For the launch, videos by these poets are featured:

Noah Eli Gordon
Eileen Tabios
Linh Dinh
Tom Beckett
Chris Vitiello
Jonathan Leon
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Allyssa Wolf

It is hoped that The Continental Review, with its videos available simultaneously on the website and via YouTube, signals a new approach in the communication and reception of contemporary poetry and poetics by means of new media.


Charles Bernstein said...
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Martin Johs. Møller said...

Very nice. I run a Scandinavian lyrics channel myself at TV Martin JM. It's a subdivision of //martinjm. Last weekend I attended a seminar at Biskops Arnö in Sweden along with 25-30 other poets, critics and academics from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and The Faroe Islands). It spun of quite a lot of interesting discussions and contacts. There are many readings worth listening to in the flashplayer in my blog, even if you don't understand the languages (or so I claim ... modestly). We also have a community-blog here.

At the seminar we mainly discussed the new Litterary Public and it's use of alternative channels such as the weblogs, youtube and other online forums. The point of departure was this essay by Charles Bernstein from 1993.

med kærlig hilsen
Martin Johs. Møller, Odense, Denmark.

Nicholas Manning said...

A seminal essay for me as well . . . Good to know these things are truly worldwide.