A New Online Journal of Translation

Edited by Peter Thompson

Ezra -- An Online Journal of Translation, is a forum for poetry and translation. We hope to stimulate the under-explored arts of reading in other tongues and translating for an English audience. We aim both for new knowledge of world writers and for the creation of beautiful new works. Ezra is interested in any form, style, tone or era.

The website is in progress. Submission guidelines are up.


Anonymous said...

Cipher Journal, published by Lucas Klein out of Yale, is another valuable resource for those in areas of translation work-- lots of essays there by luminaries in the field, as well as examples of approaches to the practice that are boundary-testing in spirit.



Anonymous said...

By the way, on topic, there is an interview here (conducted by Bolivian poet Nicomedes Suarez-Arauz) with Forrest Gander and me on translating Jaime Saenz:



Anonymous said...

I'd meant to post the Spanish version of interview, too, so here's that link.

By the way, a question that I think is a significant one:

Why on Earth are there so few representatives on the Contributors' List from Spanish-speaking Latin America (and those three all from Mexico)??