Here Comes Everybody

"Here Comes Everybody" is a website featuring 132 interviews of poets, with brief bios and links. With the exceptions of Ton van 't Hof, Joris Lenstra, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Anny Ballardini and John Tranter, all are American, most of them under 50. Set up by Lance Phillips three years ago, the series concludes today with Paul Hoover. Each poet is asked the same 10 questions. Why these poets and not others? That's for Lance Phillips to answer, but as a resource, a group portrait and an often insightful and entertaining read, kudos to Lance for having this initiative.

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Patrick Herron said...

I realize your question, "Why these 132?" was rhetorical. However I know from talking with Lance a year back or so that his aim was rather completist. I think he would have liked to have truly and sincerely aimed for "everybody." For example, he asked me if I would share with him some contacts, and eventually he interviewed every single person on that list I gave him (including you and every non-American you named).

If anything, any limit to the number of interviews may be nothing more than a practical limit, a boundary set by simply running out of steam.

I hope Lance does keep going with it.