Plurifying the Languages Of the Trite

Leevi LehtoLeevi Letho's meaningful paper Plurifying the Languages Of the Trite, that he presented at the Seminar on "Poetry in Time Of War And Banality", Sao Paulo, May-June 2006, has now been translated into Dutch.

"You may be able to start to see what I mean when I speak about the possible social relevancy of the kind of poetry I'm proposing here. Indeed, the very dynamics of this poetry touches upon something that the world in its totality, too, is in desperate need of today. It is interesting, to me, to note that Negri is not far from what I'm after here when he writes: "Perhaps [a new common language] needs to be a new type of communication that functions not on the basis of resemblances but on the basis of differences: a communication of singularities." I for my part would speak of the need and prospect for a new kind of World Poetry not yet in existence."

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