absent magazine

Issue I : December 2006

With lots of poetry & essays by Simon DeDeo (towards an anarchist poetics), Thomas Basbøll (On the Art of Metaphysical Composition) and Andy Gricevich (Vulnerablism: Notes on Poetry and Ethics).

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Anonymous said...

I just read the excellent commentary by Andy Gricevich on my Lyric Poetry after Auschwitz (the link provided in the blog post).

I thought I'd mention that the book, small press issue as it is (Effing Press), has had an impact now beyond the U.S. poetry scene, with translated book collections appearing or forthcoming in Chile, Peru, and Bosnia, and with selections from the book appearing in a number of other countries already.

What's interesting about this, to me, is how the "politics" of the book--rather insistently interfaced as they are (as Gricevich points out) with the ethics and politics of the U.S. poetry subculture--seem to connect and have relevance beyond our national scene... Perhaps there is something more "universal," then, about poetic politics?

Kent Johnson