Confronting limitations

CC BY Ton van 't Hof

He may be a starry-eyed idealist, a wiseacre, a whopper, a worrywart, or a dreamer, but he definitely has a story to tell: Slavoj Žižek in The LA Review of Books about ISIS – "a case of perverted modernization" – and liberalism – "drop the smug self-satisfaction" – and political correctness – "it is a hypocritical game that […] even trivializes racism" – and freedom – "a burden that deprives us of true choice" – and nationalism – "a new Dark Age is looming, with ethnic and religious passions exploding, and Enlightenment values receding" – and World War III – "we don’t believe it can really happen – and that’s why it can happen. That is to say, even if we don’t really believe it can happen, we are all getting ready for it …" et cetera.

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