Q-Literary Museum 2012: Spiritual Flamenco PodQcasts & Archive.org

In this year that begins Q-literary Museum invites its visitors to see a programming in progress that includes the publication online of its poem in video Spiritual Flamenco, 2009 Nosside International Poetry Prize in the channel of the prize:

Spiritual Flamenco is a "spiritual"-fusion on the sensitive life of flamenco inspired by forms of complex interaction with organic fields that give materiality to the writing - through quantum poetic language - developed by her Author. The multidisciplinary poem is a symbiosis of complexity art, quantum poetry, electroacoustic music, animation, virtual reality and video edition of the author. In the music of the video, Myriam Solar incorporates a virtual zapateado made with wood canes on wood of cherry tree of the Patagonia of Chile.

Spiritual Flamenco integrates the Hispanic Quantum Library Collection and PodQcast Collection, both of Q-Literary Museum. This last Collection is housed in Archive.org, a digital library with historical collections, projects of conservation and research in works of Internet in digital format that counts with a datacenter with more than 150 billions of pages, 200 millions of websites in 40 languages, 20 millions of books, more of a million items of Audio, 3 millions of e-books, being to emphasize its Patrimonial Library of Biodiversity, the Gutenberg project, etc.

The PodQcast Collection of Q-literary Museum will contain Audio and/or Video of pieces that are gotten up, being able to listen or to see in the own webmuseum:

and in Archives.org, where its contents can be unloaded with licence CC of international scope Non Commercial Attribution without derives works 3.0, so Spiritual Flamenco is in:

The writing in progress of this poetic one is being incorporated from the 2011 in Best Poems Encyclopedia, a publication online of classic and contemporary poets of the world. It is possible to be visited in the new Contemporary Poets:

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