Notes towards a queer::eco::poetics by Tamiko Beyer

An excerpt:

position aslant, askew, odd, perverted, kinky, strange
location outside of, on the margins, in the borderlands, straddling multiple worlds, unassimilat(ed)(ing)(able)
gender many, variable, shifting, negotiable, disruptive, presented, claimed, owned and operated
queer is not comfortable
queer is delicious
queer disrupts
queer saturates
queer is hot, is erotic
queer resists straightening
queer decolonizes
queer is an eyesore, agitator, loud and impolite
queer is sex sex sex and more sex
queer is always political
queer explodes
queer questions
queer blurs
queer acts and is acted upon
queer is queer
when co-opted, cashed, and labeled, queer slips away, manifests again elsewhere

[Read more of Tamiko Beyer at Doveglion.com. And in case you missed it, here is the link to "Contradiction(s): A poem and conversation with Roger Bonair-Agard."]

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