XXVth World Poetry Prize Anthology NOSSIDE 2009

The Anthology of the Nosside Prize 2009, 183 pages, published by Cittá of the Sole Edizione of Reggio Calabria with an Introduction of professor Pasquale Amato of the Universiy of Messina and verses of the poetess Nosside de Locri(III b.C.) reunites winners works of the unique unpublished global poetry prize and never awarded with sponsorship of UNESCO, the United Nations, the University of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, University per Stranieri Dante Alighieri and the Univrsity Degli Studi de Messina, among othrs.
The focal point of edition 2009 concentrated in the plurilinguisme, with opening to all the languages of the world, and to the multimedial in its forms of written expression, video ad music.
In this world event participated 75 poets from 5 continents and 28 countries- of which 33 are Europeans, 33 Americans, 4 Africans, 2 Asians and 1 from Oceania- who expressed themselves in 17 languags, the 5 officials of prize and 12 in languages like the Maltese one, lingala, malaylam, Nepalese and quechua.
Th winners of Nosside 2009 were: Mukul Dahal, of Nepal like Absolute Winner; 4 Winners in the 5 official languages: Beatriz Casal(Cuba), Annamaria Ferramosca(Italy), Lilian Gattaz(Brazil), Lye Yoka(Congo); 10 Special Mentioned of 3 continents Marissa Arroyal(Venezuela), Carla Cirillo(Video-Italy), Patrizia Giannelli(Italy), Benito Galilea(Italy), María Angeles Jaén(Bolivia),Ann Juli James(Sudáfrica), Yaisel Mora Barrios(Cuba), Conceicao Oliveira(Brazil), Alfredo Panetta(Italy), Silvia Inés Tocco(Argentina); María Natalia Iirti Special Prize Nosside to save the languages in risk; 21 Particulare Mentioned Luca Di Bartolomeo, Stefano Bruno, Mariangela Costantino, Fabio Fabbrizi(Song), Emilia Fragomeni, Esther Grotti(Italy), Marisa Baur, Isaac de Faria Ruy(Brazil), Graciano Wilkie Delgado Corra, Rosa Rodriguez Cubela(Cuba), Giovanna Brancatisano Sciarrone, Paula Gandara(USA), Viorel Boldis(Rumania),María Isabel Lacave Bautista(Chile), Radomir Mitic(Bosnia Herzegovina), Yamilka Noa Justiz(Costa Rica), María Cristina Pannunzio(Argentina), Paulo Paolo(Mozambique), Fernando Ruiz Granados(México), Patricia Louise Samperi(Tunisia) and Myriam Solar ( Video- Spain) and 39 Mentioned with 16 from Italy, 6 Brazil, 3 Cuba, 2 Argentina and 1 each from Autralia, Belgium, Colombia, Phillipines, Grece, Malta, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Spain, Usa and Venezuela.

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