Foist Spoken Word/Audio collaboration Compilation 3rd edition

Foist Compilation 3rd edition

I made a call for submissions to do a Spoken Word/Audio collaboration back in May. The audio is from work by myself as d'zoid and with Jon Hull and myself as Deerpark. Nine poets and 18 pieces are now available for download at the following link:


Mixed Logit Intercepts; Volume 1

1. Sonia Talkaczs, Paris, France - C'est un Autre Monde. Audio by d'Zoid.
2. R Emmett Michie - New Millenium. Audio by Deerpark.
3. John M Bennet, Columbus, Ohio - Illumination. Audio by d'Zoid.
4. Marco Giovenale, Rome, Italy - Play Comic, Closed Loop, Margaret Ban, Larmy Sees. Audio by d'Zoid.
5. Marc Pietrzykowski, Lockport, NY - Right Along. Audio by d'Zoid.
6. Malok, Waukau, Wisconsin, USA - Cunt Utters. Audio by Deerpark.
7. Jaie Miller, London, England - Spanish. Audio by d'Zoid
8. Sonia Talkaczs, Paris, France - Casser Pour Ton Bien [French mix]. Audio by Deerpark.

Mixed Logit Intercepts; Volume 2

1. Ted Williams, Rochester, NY - First Century A.D. Audio by d'Zoid.
2. John M Bennett, Columbus, Ohio - Globbollalia. Audio by d'Zoid.
3. R Emmett Michie, Seattle, Washington - John Brown. Audio by Deerpark.
4. Jaie Miller London, England - Tiny.
5. Sonia Talkaczs, Paris, France - Casser Pour Ton Bien [English mix].
6. Marco Giovenale, Rome, Itlay - Play Comic, Larmy Sees. Audio by Deerpark.
7. John M Bennett, Columbus, Ohio - Leeks. Audio by d'Zoid.
8. Jaie Miller, London, England - Spanish.
9. Malok, Waukau, Wisconsin, USA - The Fuck Dirge. Audio by d'Zoid.
10. Donna M Marbach, Rochester, NY - Whisper Silence. Audio by d'Zoid.


A call for submissions for spoken word collaborations with d'Zoid / Deerpark is ongoing.

email: sdohring@Rochester.rr.com

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