Quantum Quevedo in Books & Readings in the National Library of Spain & Facebook

On the day before of the book fair of Madrid and because of the celebration of the International Day of the Museums of ICOM (International Council of Museums), today 18 of May, can be visited the virtual exposition of Books & Readings of the National Library of Spain in Facebook which participate more than 60 exhibitors and artists, between of them my photographic artwork on Quantum Quevedo.

This photographic series forms part of the Quantum Collection of the Digital Museum of the Library of the Century of Gold conceived in the framework of the new media of screen in interaction with the art of the complexity, the authopoiesis and the digital environments.

The virtual exposition can be visited in the following link:

The 3 golden portraits of Francisco of Quevedo Villegas inaugurate the Digital Museum of Spanish Authors conceived to continue its developmentby in the digital networks.
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