Spanish Language Poetry & Music in line from Mexico

In January of the 2009 has born the program in line The Eternal Ephemeral in Arcano Radio to diffuse poets of Spain and Latin America.

The program is emitted the Friday from Mexico and is conducted by the poet Mario Luis Altuzar, Director of Arcano Radio, associate to Radio United Nations.

The program of February 6 has been initiated with the voice of Pablo Neruda and in it have participated 14 poets originating in Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador.

They are the poets Mario Luis Altuzar Suarez, Mexico with the poem The renewed; Carlos Ernesto Garcia, El Salvador with No longer I have house; Myriam Solar, Madrid, Spain with New end for the history; Libya Beatriz Carciofetti, Argentina with Miracle; José Daniel Broguin with Lovers; Ana Arias Saavedra, Lugo, Spain with Life by living; Stella Maris Taboro, Argentina with Secret charm; Eva Isabel Ruiz Barrios, Argentina with Life; Ophelia Pereyra Nadal with Of trip through your bed; Norma Salazar with XXVI. Mexico; Yamilca Noa with Smaller Verse III, Costa Rica; Ruth Pérez Aguirre with Blue cosmic, Tabasco, Mexico and Marian Jaen LeSaN Mora with The flavor of the beginning. Spain.
The program can listen itself since February 6 in:

or also in

and to discharge the file Mp3 with 10.95 MB from now on 7 from February from the 7 hour of Mexico.


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