Tinfish Press has published six books this year; we have also done three reprints of older publications. Please see our website (www.tinfishpress.com) for information about these reprints:

--_Sista Tongue_, by Lisa Linn Kanae (on being a pidgin speaker in HI; widely taught experimental memoir/essay) Under chapbooks on the website.

--_Corpse Watching_, by Sarith Peou, on the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia. Finalist in the Asian American Writers Workshop Awards. Under chapbooks.

--_Poeta en San Francisco_, by Barbara Jane Reyes. Winner of the 2005 James Laughlin Award, but more importantly a magnificent book on the Philippines, the USA, and _Apocalypse Now_. Under Books.

These make good teaching tools and gifts all year round. Please also consider subscribing to our annual journal.

Happy holidays from Tinfish Press.

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