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Exciting News: my first poetry book, from unincorporated territory, is now available for discounted pre-order from Tinfish Press (http://tinfishpress.com)!!! The book weighs in at about 100 pages and is beautifully designed by Sumet (Ben) Viwatmanitsakul.

The book will retail for $15; Tinfish is offering a pre-publication price of $10 until September 1. You can pay via their website (http://tinfishpress.com/books.html), under "purchase" and number 54, which is my book, as it's listed on the 2checkout.com page.

If you do not want to use the website, please send checks to Tinfish Press, 47-728 Hui Kelu Street #9, Kane`ohe, HI 96744.

I'll even make you a deal: the first 20 people who order will receive a free chapbook from me. Just email me with your mailing address after you purchase.

Also, I'm in the beginning stages of planning a reading tour in the fall and spring so if you have a reading series please let me know.

I hope you will support Tinfish Press and that you will enjoy the book ;)

Craig Santos Perez

Dig the Blurbs (and dig the cover/spine, which is attached as a jpeg):

The act of remembering is the art of recovery, and the
art of reclaiming a past that has never been hidden
only silenced is an act of responsibility. Craig Santos
Perez has arrived to give voice and meaning to the
unheralded narratives with his fierce debut from
unincorporated territory. At once a palimpsest and an
archive of "retrievable history," this book of poems is
sure to place Guam on both the literary and geographical
maps. This poet of consciousness, of communal memory,
and of political fury, has undone the callous erasure of
imperialism and empowered his people's folklore, stories
and journeys. Craig Santos Perez is a poet with a mission,
and with the skill and battle cry to do it right.

~Rigoberto González~

Perez's deft first book delivers a Guam outside the story
of the 'nation', reminding us who and what is 'from'
his island through the biography of touch, and the
intermingled military and colonialist histories brought to
the Chamorro people from far across the ocean.

~Robert Sullivan~

In Craig Santos Perez's from unincorporated territory
we hear the movement of the Pacific Ocean; turning
each page we hear the oars of the people navigating
this ocean. This is a smart, formalistically rigorous, and
unapologetically political collection of poetry. Personal,
tender, and tough, Perez's poems, collages of text and
images offer a necessary critical, historical perspective on
American ownership, Western tourism, and simultaneous
erasure of the island of Guam. from unincorporated
territory rejects the blank space on American maps and in
American consciousness.

~Barbara Jane Reyes~

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