Bologna, Jul. 13th + Rome, Jul. 14th: Launch of the new issues of Aufgabe and The New Review of Literature

Bologna, July 13th 2008, at 9:30 pm

as a part of the readings made possible by the association "Via de' Poeti"

in Giardini del Baraccano
(viale Gozzadini 1-3)

Jennifer Scappettone will introduce Aufgabe

and the feature of Italian "poetry of research" she edited.

Readers will include Giovanna Frene and Marco Giovenale


Rome, July 14th, at 8:30 pm

La camera verde
(via G. Miani 20)

Jennifer Scappettone and Paul Vangelisti

will introduce the new issues of

Aufgabe and The New Review of Literature

devoted to Italian poets translated into English.

Readers will include:
Gherardo Bortolotti, Alessandro Broggi, Laura Cingolani, Marco Giovenale, Milli Graffi,
Giuliano Mesa, Vincenzo Ostuni, Andrea Raos, Michele Zaffarano

Aufgabe feature: edited by Jennifer Scappettone
The New Review feature: edited by Andrea Inglese



Aufgabe, issue #7:

The New Review of Literature:
[ & http://slowforward.wordpress.com/2008/07/01/spring-issue-of-the-new-review-of-literature ]

La camera verde
via G. Miani 20 - 00154 Roma
e-mail: lacameraverde [at] tiscali [dot] it

[*] on Sat 12th, at 1:30 pm, Marco Giovenale will discuss with Vittorio Castelnuovo about the issues of the magazines, and the launch in Bologna and in Rome. On the air at Radio Città Futura


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