SPT conference on Aggression

Last weekend was the SPT conference on Aggression in San Francisco and Oakland, California, USA.

The blog has a lot of "exhibits" in it that are worth reading.

Among the post-conference postings of talks (or talks that were posted pre-conference and then read at the conference) that I've found so far include...

Jasper Bernes's "The Liberalizing Ideology of the Internet".

Erika Staiti's "Race & Gender" archival project.

Craig Perez's "My Michael Magee and the Frontier of Democratic Symbolic Action"

Laura Moriarty's "Re Vision: Outlaws, Lone Wolves and Made Poets: Bay Area Poetics from the 70s to the Present". And then some out takes here.

Juliana Spahr's here.

Still hoping to find Rob Halpern's, Robin Tremblay-McGaw's, Tyrone Williams's, and Bhanu Kapil's sometime soon.

Audio archive supposed to be at a voice boxeventually.

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