KAURAB Online Translation Archive (http://www.kaurab.com/english) is about to launch an international book review series called BOOK OPENER. We invite poets, authors, anthology editors and presses to submit international poetry (in English, original and/or translation/transcreation) publications for review. The idea of this series is to present international poetry reviews. The reviewers are mostly North American poets/editors. American poetry is also welcome. We will have a limited space for canonical work.

The book review series will acommodate a wide range of review styles from conventionally academic to dandily creative. We plan to include multimedia interactions and creative co-authoring. If you wish to submit a copy of your book/anthology, please send an email to editor@kaurab.com with "BOOK OPENER-" in the subject.

If the book cannot be reviewed for reasons beyond our control we will mail it back to you.

Dana Ward
Aryanil Mukherjee
Series Editor, Book Opener
KAURAB Translation Archive


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a site featuring six chapters of Bose's memoir entitled "The Land Where I Found It All" as well as four poems, all in translation:

Aryanil said...

testing the account