Philippines-based and Filipino American Poetry: A Brain Dump

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I was recently contacted by a Filipino American UC Berkeley undergraduate who was looking for information on Philippines-based Filipino poetry, and he came to me as he perceived me as some kind of authority on the subject.

I’d originally agreed to meet with him and brain dump on him. But then something in his email made me think again. He asked me for some recommendations on Philippine poetic traditions, and mentioned that in this area, he was reading the anthology Returning a Borrowed Tongue, edited by Nick Carbó. I thought, curious, this anthology as the student’s primary resource on Philippine poetry traditions.

OK, so certainly there are intersections between Philippines-based and Filipino American poets and poetry, and one commonality is the use of English, rather than Tagalog and other Filipino languages. And certainly, there are a good handful of Filipino poets whose literary careers started and flourished in the Philippines before they immigrated to the USA. I think of Luisa Igloria (in/for many of her Philippines-published collections, she was Maria Luisa Aguilar Cariño), Eric Gamalinda, Luis Francia.


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