Local Community and Story: Photographer Tony Remington, and revisiting the Tikbalang

Last week, I e-met Tony Remington, whose Google search for Manilatown led him to my blog. I’ve known his name for over a decade now, as a San Francisco Filipino American community activist and artist, whose images have appeared in Liwanag and maybe in some of the circa 1980’s Kearny Street Workshop publications.

Tony sent me over a link to his Flickr photo album: Manilatown 1977-81, and these images add so much dimension to the stories I have been told via local folks’ talk story and poetry readings, via lectures in Ethnic Studies when I was an undergrad, via Curtis Choy’s Fall of the I-Hotel documentary which always made me emotional when watching; envision your grandfather dragged by cops out of his home at two in the morning and all you can do to protect him is to have your body dragged away by cops too.


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Interesante web, saludos desde Europa.