Sale on OCHO and a review in HYPHEN magazine

From Didi Menendez:

A great new review on OCHO #14 is up on Jacket Magazine. Reviewed by Nicholas Manning.

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OCHO #15 Edited by Francisco Aragon
OCHO #16 Edited by Barbara Jane Reyes
OCHO #17 Edited by Denise Duhamel
OCHO # 14 Edited by Nick Piombino

OCHO #13 edited by Meghan Punschke


Hyphen Magazine's managing editor Neela Banerjee reviews OCHO #16 here. A quick excerpt:

I’ve been reading OCHO #16 on the bus to and from work for the past week and, let me tell you, there is nothing more delicious than losing yourself in a really good poem during a short and sunny bus ride. Like a well-planned mix tape that your best friend made you in 8th grade, Reyes chooses from the Bay Area’s finest talents like the always luscious Jaime Jacinto, the fierce Truong Tran and the politically beautiful Mathew Shenoda. It was also my first chance to read Hyphen contributor Ching-in Chen's work which hauntingly tells of the misadventures of a Chinese American girl named Xiaomei. Another real treat is the first three scenes of Jessica Hagedorn’s recently produced play Fe in the Desert.

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