Latino Poetry Review

Latino Poetry Review (LPR)
publishes book reviews, essays, and interviews
with an eye towards spurring inquiry and dialogue.
LPR recognizes that Latino and Latina poets in the 21st century
embrace, and work out of, a multitude of aesthetics.
With this in mind, its critical focus is the poem and its poetics.

* * *
From the Editor’s Note

Latino Poetry Review (LPR) is a response to the current state of poetry criticism. If contemporary verse receives limited attention in literary studies today, Latino poetry gets scant, if any attention at all. This doesn’t seem to be the case with prose: a few years ago, two Notre Dame doctoral students spoke to me about the fiction panels at the “Latina Letters” summer conference in San Antonio, Texas. No such panel, as I recall, focused on poetry. LPR is a response to that.

Latino Poetry Review is a pro-active gesture, one aimed at promoting the book review: other than the El Paso Times, one would be hard pressed to name a newspaper that runs, with any regularity, reviews of poetry collections by Latinos (or any poets, for that matter). Mainstream literary journals fare no better. LPR is a response to that, as well.

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