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November, 2007


During this past year, Tinfish Press has published the following:

--two on-line features at tinfishpress.com (About Looking and Tinfish Net #3 , On Translation)
--farout_library_software by Pam Brown (Australia) and Maged Zaher (Seattle/Cairo) (Design by Chae Ho Lee)
--Corpse Watching by Sarith Peou (design by Lian Litvin)
--Someday I'll Be Sitting at a Dingy Bar by Hwang Jiwoo, translated by Scott Swaner and Young-Jun Lee (design by Gaye Chan)
--Language as Responsibility by Leonard Schwartz (design by Lian Litvin)
--Tinfish #17, the annual journal of poetry from the Pacific, featuring poetry from Hawai`i and elsewhere (covers by Jean Pittman)

Forthcoming (soon!)

--The Erotics of Geography (with cd-rom) by Hazel Smith (design by Karen Zimmerman)

Forthcoming (later!)

(First) books of poems by Craig Santos Perez and Meg Withers.

A group of us just read and presented design talks at Evergreen State University in Olympia, Washington (Leonard Schwartz's class) and at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon (organized by Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand, among others). The reception was warm and engaged. Readers included Tiare Picard, Craig Perez, Deborah Meadows, Lissa Wolsak, Lisa Kanae and Susan M. Schultz. Approximately 200 people showed up for the reading at Pacific University and many dozens more for Gaye Chan and Lian Litvin's design talk. You can see photos at the “friends of Tinfish Press” facebook page.

This past April we sponsored a reading by Linh Dinh and Naomi Long in Honolulu. In early November, we celebrated Tinfish #17 with a reading in the UH English department.

Please check our website for more details: http://tinfishpress.com

We invite you to buy Tinfish books. They make wonderful gifts for lovers of poetry and design, especially. To buy a Tinfish book is also to support the making of more fine books.

We intend to publish more fine books in the coming year, and to offer readings here (Hawai`i) and elsewhere. So we also invite you to make tax deductible donations to Tinfish, either on the website or at our address:

Tinfish Press
Susan M. Schultz, Editor
47-728 Hui Kelu Street #9
Kane`ohe, HI 96744

And please check this out, while you're at it. You're welcome to use photos, but no mention me by name, lidat!


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