Some thoughts: is this where poems come from?

Thinking on Patricia Smith's recent blog post on the Harriet blog.

I can't look at the pictures of what American soldiers are doing to Iraqi women prisoners of war on Linh Dinh's blog (scroll down to the entry entitled "but is she a blonde?"). They are making my stomach turn, and they are making tears well up. "Disturbing" is a mild term; pornographic is really what it is. He links to another place online, which tells us that these images can be found on porn sites. I am not faulting Linh; he has juxtaposed this against some "artistic" renditions, "fantasy" images, if you will, of sex during war. And I have dialogued with Linh briefly this morning about this. So this is what our boys are doing in Iraq. We knew this already, right? Taguba's report on Abu Ghraib exposed the bloody details about torture, rape, sodomy, humiliation. Photographs were already telling us something fucked up was institutionally happening there.


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