News from Action Books

Action Books has three new translation titles out this fall:

*You go the words* by Finland Swedish modernist Gunnar Björling, translated by Fredrik Hertzberg. Charles Bernstein says: "... Hovering in the aesthetic space somewhere between Dickinson and Celan, Oppen and Creeley, Gunnar Björling is a poet of the everyday and its words..."

*lip wolf* by contemporary Mexican poet Laura Solorzano, translated by Jen Hofer.

*The Edge of Europe* by Pentti Saarikoski, translated by Anselm Hollo.

We also have a new issue of Action, Yes (www.actionyes.org), which features poetry by writers like Gabe Gudding and Ariana Reines, as well as essays on such topics as the politics of the grotesque, the post-modern baroque and the politics, aeshetics and placelessness of the Internet.

Johannes Göransson

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