John Ashbery Interview

A new interview of John Ashbery conducted immediately after his 80th birthday celebrations, was recently published in Kaurab Online.

A small excerpt of the interview -

John Ashbery - "Oh Yeah! Corso was up in Paris too. We got along fairly well when we first met and I decided to go and see him in hotel one day. He was under the influence of some kind of drug, he pulled a gun and pointed it at me and so that was it...ha ha ...(laughter)...he used to write letters to me and I did respond a couple of times, but after this I stopped writing....(laughter)....when I came back in 65, I didn't have much interaction with Ginsberg or the Beats, mainly because their poetry was very different from mine we didn't have much interest for each other. Actually O'Hara was much closer to them than I was. I was also sort of engulphed in my own experiments, people had started to talk about the "New York School" ..."

The complete interview is here -

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