Amiri Baraka reading in Naples in 2005

At the Casa della Poesia web page, there's an electrifying recording of Amiri Baraka reading his "Somebody Blew Up America," accompanied by the Gaspare Di Lieto Jazz Quartet.


Anonymous said...


Are you trying to tell us some "truth" about an "international jewish conspiracy" with your links? Both this one and the anti-semitic propaganda site you link to at your blog?

It's surely possible that those horrifying rape photos are real, but the source is extremely questionable. You're familiar with propaganda. Surely also aware that it comes from all sides.

Linh Dinh said...

I'm assuming that it's you, mongibeddu? No, I do not subscribe to any Jewish conspiracy theory. As I've already explained yesterday, after you complained: I made the link to the aztlan page because that's the source of my photos of American soldiers raping Iraqi women. The mainstream press does not cover this scandal. The main thrust of that page was not to denounce "Jewish pornographers," but to expose American war crimes.

As for Baraka's poem, the point he's trying to make here, at least in the infamous "anti-semitic" passage, is that the US and Israel had prior knowledge about 9/11. I'm actually writing about a post about this accusation. If you bear with me, I'll upload it in about half an hour. Again, I do not subscribe to any "international jewish conspiracy," I want to make that categorically clear.