Rett Kopi

Rett Kopi – a Norwegian independent & idealistic journal of art and aesthetics – has recently launched «Rett Kopi documents the future» - a comprehensive publication on the Manifesto. From the press release:

The publication has sought to juxtapose academic, literary and artistic responses to the manifesto genre. We have collected such responses from an international ensemble of brilliant scholars, writers and artists.

«Rett Kopi documents the future» contains a collection of manifestos in English and Norwegian.

Each manifesto in the collection is supplied with an ENDNOTE. W.J.T. Mitchell, Ina Blom, Donna Haraway, Yokoland, Eric Alliez, Hannah Higgins, Johanna Drucker, Michèle Cohen-Halimi, Roberto Ohrt, Ken Friedman, Stewart Home, McKenzie Wark and Joan Retallack are among the contributors.

Avant-garde and/or manifesto experts Janet Lyon, Martin Puchner and Sven-Olov Wallenstein have submitted articles that, in different ways, try to rethink the temporality of the avant-garde manifesto, while Marjorie Perloff offer new perspectives on Marinetti’s first futurist manifesto. Kristine Stiles discusses the role of the manifesto in the work of Gustav Metzger. Mikkel Bolt contributes with a study of one of the manifestos of the Situationist International.

Rett Kopi introduces RETT ENQUÊTE. We ask: Can the future be documented? Eric Alliez, Andrew Benjamin, Christoph Büchel, Fine Art Union Stewart Home, Martin Högström, Amelia Jones, Mutant, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Joan Retallack, Marcus Steinweg, Jørn H. Sværen, Stein K.T. Sørensen, Gunnar Wærness and Øyvind Ådland respond.

We hope that the publication may generate further interest in the history, poetics and politics of the manifesto, that it may challenge common conceptions of the manifesto genre, as well as inspire new efforts at providing the future with new content.

Contact info: Ellef Prestsæter + 47 99 27 84 11 Karin Nygård + 47 99 74 45 50 ellef@rettkopi.no, karin@rettkopi.no www.rettkopi.no Rett Kopi is distributed internationally via online bookshops.

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