Cellular Wryting


is a continuing non-edited, non-supervised flow of writing in the Public Domain on one subject:
the Cell Phone or Mobile Phone. It’s an experiment in minimal collaborative writing using public software.

It is called Cellular Writing because it is about cell phones and because it started off in the WVU Wryting-L mailing-list on writing and theory of writing, as a discussion on the subject.

It is on Cell Phones because it is called Cellular Wryting.

From there it came to you, now, and you can do some cellular writing too.

Here’s the INIT:

  • There’s a collage of sorts of fragments and pomes at http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/cellular_wryting.jsp.
  • there’s a blog at http://cellularwryting.blogspot.com/ that you can contribute to just by sending e-mail to it, see http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/cellular_wryting.jsp#contribute for how that works
  • writing can be anything. Text, poems, movies, sounds, whatever. Up here, it’s all just code anyway. So you can send in anything that gets through the Blogger interface. Most of the time, I’d prefer your things to be beautiful, interesting, well crafted and above all, poetical, but who am i?
  • you can use the blog’s contents as an RSS feed on your own websites/blogs, there’s a code snippet at the end of this mail that you can use for that purpose, or you can ‘Burn’ and customize your own feed at www.feedburner.com (yep that’s bought by our lovely EGOLOG too). The Cathedral file’s just an example of how to do that, encouraging you to do that, so why don’t you do that?
  • please edit this text as you see fit and sent it out to where and whom you see fit. Whatever you do, do not post the email address (see image file on the Cathedral file) of the blog to a public file. The spam might stop the flow, then, and there’s no reason for that to happen, is there?

Let there be writing.

dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends


Linh Dinh said...
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Linh Dinh said...

Halvard Johnson's "Sonnet, Italian Style" is now available in in Vietnamese

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Dirk,

At first I thought that this project was about poems written with cell phones, texting and so forth, but it's actually writings ABOUT the cell phone. Am I missing anything here?