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WYSIWYB Ars Publica

What You See Is What You Bought

Net Art Sale Exhibition : Commerce of Pure Reason

"By entering the site below you agree to our term of condition that what you browse you have already bought."This approach is a consequence of the contradictions in selling internet art generally, and specifically for this exhibition where the net art is copylefted and in the public domain.

Elaborating on the fact that the digital object on sale must be physically on your computer prior to being browsed for sale, brings on the idea of a commerce of pure reason, or of meaning itself, as a representation of an experience of a meaning based system through its own self-referential process, and so a projection of one's experience onto oneself. On the other hand the ding an sich must have an infinite value because we don't know the price.

More than buying things we need, we need things to buy. Which is more like that the things buy us than otherwise. The consumer is more likely consumed. The presence is rather a preterite, like the action of buying automatically is turned into a passion of browsing, or a passion of buying equates the action of browsing.

WYSIWYB Ars Publica collaborates with Noemata Ad Undas serving public domain net art. Noemata currently celebrates 25 years as a work-in-progress of analog and digital net art (1982-2007).

Happy browsing - and remember to pay for what you buy, or buy what you pay for!

Ars Publica Team



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