Rimimb'ring thi pirpli-gliwing chiiks

Svensk Dikt, a book by the Swedish poet, Lars Mikael Raattamaa (Modernista 2006) is a beautiful reworking of a small 60's popular anthology of canonical Swedish poetry by the same title. "Pajkerno", for instance, is based on "Pojkarne" (Boys), from 1797, by Anna Maria Lenngren (1754–1817): in each of it's nine stanza's, Raattamaa has replaced all the vowels with one the nine vowels of the Swedish alphabet. "Byos", my English version of Raattamaa's poem, was made by first producing a conventional translation of the Lenngren poem, then substituting Raattamaa's Swedish vowels for it's English ones. Both versions are available at the budding EPC Scandinavian Portal.

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