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as a curiosity, i am sending you beautiful cover of the first anthology ofus poetry in former yugoslavia, it was published in 1952 in zagreb, croatia,and i got the copy from luka stekovic, poet who is refugee from croatia. thecover is beautifully done by fedor vaic, and it is special because the coveris fine exhample of socialist modernism. it was edited and translated by twocroatian poets, ivan slamnig and antun soljan, the poet included are philipfreneau, william cullen bryant, ralph waldo emerson, henry wadsworthlongfellow, john greenleaf whittier, edgar allan poe, henry davis thoreau,james russel lowel, herman melville, walt whitman, emily dickinson, bertharte, thomas bailey aldrich, sidney lanier, edwin arlington robinson, edgarlee masters, stephen crane. paul laurence dunbar, amy lowell, robert frost,carl sandburg, vachel lindsay, wallace stevens, witter rynner, lola rynner,w.c. williams, sara teasdale, elinor wylie, ezra pound, john gouldfletcher, h.d., marianne moore, t.s. eliot, conrad aiken, claude mc kay,edna st. vincent millay, archibald mac leish, e.e. cummings, horace victorgregory, stephen vincent benet.
Dubravka Djuric

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