EPC Portals

The EPC Portals is new main links page we have designed to feature such international poetry gateways as the Sibila/Brazillian portal, the new Scandanavian EPC portal and also our older New Zealand EPC and British EPC. I am eager to develop more of these portals, for other languages/regions/countries and hope that this blog will be allow us to work on such sites. Please contact me if you would be able to create and maintain such an EPC portal.

The Argotist has a useful forum on poetry publishing, with special emphasis on print-on-demand(POD). It would be interesting to think about the possibilities and problems for international exchange of poetry books at this time. A press like Salt ships books published in the UK via its US POD printer. But this is not possible for most international book exchange. Making books available via pdf or html on the web is the obviously easiest means of distribution. The web has radically altered the possiblities for international poetry exchange, in terms of translation and original language, and both for poetics and poetry. But with high postal rates, getting books from other countries remains expensive and so very limited.

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Samuel Vriezen said...

Actually, I've taken to placing biggish orders from SPD or Amazon recently, and not found the postage much of a problem (only in the case of used books). But then, I'm in Europe and the current EUR/$ exchange rate is good for me, who likes to read american poets.

I wonder though if such a monetary advantage in the end means it's good for American poetry because it gets bought more widely or for European poetry because it has wider access to ideas...?