Just to add some info on Linh's posts on corridos. Mexican corridos are a mix of cinematography and song—lyrics are strongly visual narrative ridden—the (d)emotional and the political—probably the most famous corrido is "Contrabando y traición" by Los Tigres del Norte—a corrido on a female drugdealer (Camelia La Texana) crossing mariguana ("yerba mala") from Tijuana to California with Emilio (her lover), who once in Hollywood tells Camelia he's leaving her for his real love in San Francisco. Camelia kills the guy. Corridos have a long history—thinking about the Mexican Revolution of 1910 without thinking in corridos is unthinkable—all kinds of corridos exist—migration corridos, comedy corridos, antimperialistic corridos, et cetera—if somebody wants to listen to one of the norteño corrido evolvements, listen to electronic songs like "Bar Infierno" or "Colorado" (composed after "Contrabando y traición") by Fussible or click Hiperboreal—a writer and musician influenced by Italian futurism, Kraftwerk, Norteño / Banda / Tambora—and an expert on Fernando Pessoa—with who I collaborated with the verbal components of "El Fracaso" song. Both this guys are members of the Nortec Collective, based in Tijuana.

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