Alexandre Gherban and the e-poetry conference in Paris (Fw from Jim Andrews)

Here is a different sort of poetry: http://gherban.free.fr . This is Alexandre Gherban's site (France). You don't have to understand French to enjoy this work. I was particularly taken with the work "la colonie". This is a collection of 14 Shockwave pieces. Some are interactive, some are not.

Most, if not all, are audio-visual. These works mostly proceed by symbols moving around and interacting with each other. Sometimes you can affect that motion and interaction. It gives a sense of the interaction of symbols in a way different language to produce meaning.

Of "la colonie", Alexandre Gherban says:
"The colony" is made up of a collection of small automata having various artistic "functions". The sounds come from my voice; phonemes are used to produce sound sequences in real time.
Alexandre is one of the organizers of the upcoming e-poetry conference in Paris (see http://paragraphe.univ-paris8.fr/epoetry ).

Jim Andrews ( http://vispo.com)

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