Poetry Emerging @ Leonardo

MIT's Leonardo websites
have been relocated, the correct links for the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA, insistently) are below.

This month's issue of LEA is on
The Emergent and Generative in Nature, you couldn't flarf your way out of having at least a look at that, and ofcourse there's last months issue on New Media Poetry and Poetics including the archived transcripts of chats WVU's Sandy Baldwin had with some major authors in the field, a host of inspiring essays and a very neat net-exposition (netposition?) of works by Jason Nelson, Aya Natalia Karpinska
mIEKAL aND and CamillE BacoS and Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet

Useful LEA Links

Journal: http://leoalmanac.org/
Gallery: http://leoalmanac.org/gallery/index.asp
Archives (dating back to 1993): http://leoalmanac.org/journal/index.asp
Call for Papers/Submission Guide: http://leoalmanac.org/cfp/index.asp
Resources: http://leoalmanac.org/resources/index.asp

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