Those Days: In Memory of Mohammad Mokhtari

Azar is the 9th month of the Iranian solar year. 30 days From 21st of November to 21st of December. Last days of autumn. Days of harvesting winds. Sometimes you pray for a magical amnesia, a total blank in the memory.
Poetic innovations, for a moment, surpass the techniques and forms; slip out of the texts and cross the intertextual relationships, come into the air and you can smell it, you can feel it, you can weight the load of words somewhere inside your chest. Sometime a poem is a metamorphosed poet based on the poetics of power melancholia.
These days the poet is a dead poem.

Mohammad Mokhtari left his residence at five o'clock in the afternoon of December 2 1998 and his body was identified at the coroner's office on December 8 1998. Know more.

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