new vietnamese poetry

If you're curious about what's new, weird and wild about Vietnamese poetry, here are some webpages to check out: three of Mien Dang's poems are here, one here; Phan Nhien Hao, who has a book on Tupelo Press, can be found here; poems and interviews of Nguyen Quoc Chanh, who just gave an amazing reading in Berlin, are here; London-based Nguyen Dang Thuong has two poems in Tony Tost's Fascicle; Saigon's asskicking wiseass Bui Chat is here; Hanoi's Phan Huyen Thu is here, Thanh Thao here. Finally, you can read and hear translations of two of Nguyen Thi Hoang Bac's poems here. You can also download for free my "Three Vietnamese Poets" from this Tinfish webpage.

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