Modern Persian Poetry: The First Steps

The modern movements in Persian poetry began with the first stages of modernization processes in Iranian political and social orientations. The available information in English language on the internet is not very sufficient but maybe this article by Mahmoud Kianoush can give a perspective of what has happened during 40's and 50's.

To have an idea about the first modern works by Nima Youshij, the father of modern Persian poetry, I suggest you to see here.

The most influential Iranian modern poet, Ahmad Shamlou, can be visited here, and his translated poems can be found here.

The frontier Iranian poet, Forough Farokhzad.

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poet CAConrad said...

Dear Payam, this is a marvelous post! My boyfriend Marwan (who is back in Iran) has a great Love for Nima Youshij, and he would translate poems on the fly. This post is something he's going to enjoy to enjoy reading. Thank you!

"My house is cloudy,
The whole earth is covered by cloud."

This blog is wonderful news! Linh Dinh just let me know about it today, and I'm feeling the school of poetry blasting open in directions I hadn't considered. And I'm also feeling, if globalization is what seems inevitable, then let the poets tangle in the web, sort it out in the best possible way!

Thank you for this blog! I'll be checking in quite often!
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